EPS Polymer Distribution, Inc. was founded in 2001 by father and son team, Edward P. Smith and Ed Smith, Sr. The company brings over thirty years of experience and expertise to the small to medium sized injection molding house. We offer a wide range of engineering grade resins from top plastics manufacturers, including SABIC, Celanese, and DuPont.

Our warehouse is strategically located in Central Massachusetts, enabling us to serve customers throughout the Northeast. We routinely make next day or even same day deliveries to support our customers critical scheduling requirements.

Key Personnel

Edward Smith, President

Edward began his career in plastics with a Certificate in Plastics Technology in trade school. From there he moved on to working in all aspects of a molding shop for about six years, until he went into plastics sales in 1990. After more than ten years' experience in sales, he partnered with his father to start his own plastics distribution business.

Joan Wilson, Vice President/Quality Manager

Joan has over twenty five years experience in accounting and financial management, eighteen years of which have been in the plastics industry. She was part owner of a plastics injection molding company from 1996 until 2002, when she left molding to work in plastics distribution.

Brian Pelletier, Warehouse Manager

Brian started his career in plastics working at a plastics distribution facility in 1993, where he learned all aspects of inventory control, warehouse management, and customer service. He has a broad knowledge of plastics products and distribution and brought his talents to EPS Polymer Distribution in 2003.

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